Government Contracts, Road Safety Products And Other Services

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Government Contracts, Road Safety Products And Other Services

Our team provides all type of government, semi government and private company, factories, school, college and banks contracts. We are already working in the government departments like police stations, forest departments, district councils, hospitals, village councils, social welfare departments and women and child developemnt department.

We Provide all type road safety accessories like euro barrier, dominator barrier, barricadors, FRB, fence barrier, mini barrier, kart barrier, eco barrier, SS que post, bullnose barrier, FFP, flexible post, anti glare screen, delineator post, traffic cones, rumble strip, polymer parking block, rubber parking block, hexacore polybump, rubber speed bump, convex mirror, cable protector, wall Protector, delineator posts, Traffic Cones, flap delineator, corner guards, reflective safety vests, rumble strip, D type dock bumpers, rectangular dock bumpers, FSL, thermoplastic road marking paint, industrial-personal safety equipment(PPE) etc

Our Other Services

  • Vulcan Thermal Fogging Machine:
  •   It is efficient combating for insects, pests, fungus, dieseases, viruses and bacterias. Plant protction in green houses and plantations.